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Are cancer cures being hidden from the public?
Yes of course they are! It's our own fault. When someone's in the business of profiting from an illness it's not their job to investigate or report otherwise. The burden is on the victim. The public neglects to realize doctors are trained to represent the A.M. and pharmaceuticals. The A.M.A.'s mission is to “promote art, science and medicine, physicians for public health.”
Are cancer cures suppressed?
 Not as much as overlooked. Our culture is handwork and profit driven. People look for marketable solutions. People assume "big daddy", is looking out for them rather than being, ones own best doctor. Thousands are aware of cancer cures being here since the late 1940's, bringing attention to them with pulitzer prizes.
Are cancers cured?
Yes cancer has been successfully treated with thousands in Stage 4 successfully recovering from cancer since the late 1940's
Are lemons a cancer cure?
No, cancer has been proven to grow in acidic ph levels.  Lemons are highly acidic, a healthy fruit for healthy bodies to be avoided in a cancer protocol .All citrus needs to be avoided 30-90 days after cancer is gone.
Can cancer cure itself?
Cancer does not have a mind or will.  Its a result of cells lacking in sufficient oxygen, thereby deform and continue to grow rapidly in search of oxygen. Oxygen deficietcies are created by excessive , "wrong" oils or fats, and lack of oxygenated , "living"  foods and fluids and air.
Can cancer cure by ayurveda?
Im not familiar with  Ayurveda. But if it addresses the bodies need for adequate nutrition, minerals and H20, then it would .
Can cancer cured naturally. ?
Yes providing the person supplies the  body with sufficient living foods and H20 while omitting inappropriate foods and drinks. ( Similar to how we take care of a car engine, we restrict what we put in a car engine and we must flush out a automobile engine it wrong fluids were used.)

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