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  Cancer Cure Found 
At the doctors office in 2008, I was diagnosed terminal with Stage lV Melanoma cancer. Later by goggling, " Is there a cure for cancer?" I was amazed to find several cancer cures. What choose was discovered and tested in the early 1950's with documented results.  When I  applied it to Stage 4 Melanoma cancer it was  effective immediately. The cure for cancer has  been here in plain sight. If there's a cancer scam, we did it to ourselves. The solution I used in  Saying No to Cancer  the eBooklet available below.
Drinking Waters pH
Nature intended H0 for proper hydration. What we drink from of the tap or bottle is not H0. Regardless, few people are willing to hydrate with 5-8 glasses of H0 daily and the body suffers for it. Once water has chlorine and fluoride added it becomes "clustered", clumped cells of hydrogen or oxygen clusters, too large,   preventing proper body hydration. H0 is a beautiful snowflake under the microscope. I learned how to remove additives from tap water with Alkaline Water Beads   This aspect for good health was the norm when the cancer cure found originated. Thus making it necessary to include alkaline water to a healthy cancer protocal. ( Diet )
Nutrition: Living Food
When fueling a car we never consider replacing gas water or oil for foreign substances, yet that's what we've done with our bodies. We've replaced living food and water with processed foods, artificial substances and exotic liquids . Within a week or two by eliminating wrong foods and implementing healthy foods the body quickly adjusts back to a proper bodys ph,  an Alkaline Body pH. Once the pH has stabilized, a person can get by with wrong foods, or splurging occasionally and maintain an Alkaline Body pH.  When necessary adjusting body ph from highly acidic to alkaline can safely be adjusted within a couple weeks. Those details are described with the cancer cure found and disclosed in Saying No to Cancer the ebooklet.
The Cancer Cure Found and the Treatment I Used
Thousands of patients were successfully cured with Dr. Joanna Budwigs cancer protocol including the, cancer killer  oxygenated protein. The research was blocked from the public until recently, within the past 10 years, it was translated into English and become widely circulated.. In her day, over 50 years ago, nutrition and body hydration were more sensible. Nutrition was organic and water was de-clustered or H0, alkaline water, spring water. Without those considerations the Budwig Protocol, the Budwig cancer killer, oxygenated protein, can't be effective. Proper nutrition and body hydration create an alkaline body pH, 7.4-7.8 It's well known today cancer can't grow in an Alkaline environment. ( The scientist discovering this aspect of the cancer cure, was recognized with Pulitzer Prize in the lat 1949's.)  That alone was eye opening to learn. The A.M.A. discredited Dr. Joanna's cancer protocol, by never addressing nutrition and hydration imbalance and applied the cancer killer, oxygenated protein, (which removes tumors and jump starts the immune system,) in acidic body environments. The A.M.A. proclaimed the Budwig protocol ineffective against cancer based on those misguided studies!. By addressing Nutrition, Hydration, Body pH, Vitamin and Mineral deficiencies and Sugar and Caffeine addictions, within weeks I was fully recovered from terminal Stage 4, cancer! 

It was a childhood dream, to be a part of ending cancer within my lifetime. this booklet Saying No to Cancer dedicated to John Eric Williams, my  brother who died of cancer at 29. He asked me to share the cure for cancer with others. He asked me, on his deathbed to do so. I promised to, but am struck by our lack of understanding or compliance to our body's minimum needs and the responsibility of communicating its importance to others.

I was fortunate in 2008 to learn of many cancer cures, and chose the one I could follow, given little money, lack of loving family, no medical background, or hope. The booklet details what I learned and implemented, eliminating cancer and the fear of it, from my life forever.  Saying No to Cancer, the ebook, Ive made available here below . Proceeds will go to costs involved with ending cancer wihtin our lifetime, one basic expences are met.
God Bless, Gail Christian, 2015
Saying No to Cancer
Cancer Cure Found
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